Silver Ashtray Bone Pendant #3 ~ PD6-BN3

Silver Ashtray Bone Pendant #3 ~ PD6-BN3 $2875.00

Six strand pendant style collar of tea stained ox bone discs–from China, speckled white drops of American acrylic; henna stained scored cattle bone rondelles and smooth rounds, and camel bone small baguettes incised with eye motifs–from Ethiopia. Featuring a sterling silver engraved ashtray with a cotter’s pin hinge–from the mid 1920s to mid 1930s. Above the pendant are two silver plated copper rounds engraved with foliage motifs, and lead free pewter (30% silver) granulate cones–all from China. Finished with 24 karat gold plated bronze openwork–from the Baoule tribes of Cameroon, using the lost wax technique. Plated furnishings and sisters clasp–USA.
COIN: Ten Pesos, 2008, Chile

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