Art Nouveau Yellow Poppies #3

Art Nouveau Yellow Poppies #3 (SD-AF-G3) $3875.00

14 strand side drape collar of old yellow powder glass discs, native made sand cast in vivid yellow (with black and red stripes) glass ellipsoids, bright yellow Hudson Bay trading beads (also called “white hearts”), and old black striped yellow chevron rondelles–all from the African bead trade. The Hudson Bay laminate glass rondelles originally were produced in Czechoslovakia and Bohemia, and have been used for trade throughout the western hemisphere since the early 1500s. Featuring a silver white brass alloy scored disc–from the Hunan tribes people of China, to which is fastened an Art Nouveau profile portrait of a woman, made of old silver, and somewhat distressed due to the age–obtained in London. Lead free pewter (30% silver) textured small rondelles, filigree style detailed narrow cylinders, granulation detailed short cylinders, brass toned scored discs–all from India. Finished with 24 karat gold plated bronze rounds–from the Baoule tribes of Cameroon, using the lost wax technique. Plated furnishings and two sisters pocket watch clasp–USA.

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