Saffron Collar #6 ~ Maghreb Series (OMA-B5R)

Saffron Collar #6 ~ Maghreb Series (OMA-B5R) $3475.00

Three strand oval collar of bright saffron colored stained copal (tree resin/acrylic) rondelles, bicones and one row of small rounds, graduated in size–from Morocco, referred to as ‘Moroccan Amber’ in the African bead trade. Hammered white brass/cylinders depicting raised images of leafy foliage, and two with floral motifs, set with small red copal rounds or lapis lazula rounds–Tibet. Lead free pewter pumpkins–from India, finished with silver plated copper rounds–from China. Plated furnishings and two sisters clasp–USA.
COIN: Ten Kopeks, 2003–Ukraine

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